Easy Sugar Free Vanilla Upside Down Cake (Keto, Gluten Free)

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These easy, sugar free vanilla upside down cakes are keto, gluten free, grain free and have the most delightful, fluffy spongey texture!

These adorable mini upside down cakes are perfect for when you want to control your portion sizes. This easy recipe makes 6 perfect, individual sugar free vanilla sponge cakes. The soft, fluffy texture is light and airy. Enjoying one, won’t weigh you down or make you feel guilty. They’re keto, sugar free, low carb mini vanilla upside down cakes and they couldn’t be any easier. Baked, then flipped over so the bottom is served as the top. Add some delicious keto, sugar free chocolate ganache or just enjoy with a bit of sugar free whipped cream. 

Silicone Mold– These are the perfect size for the perfect personal upside down cakes. 

Electric Whisk-Or use a hand mixer. Either will work for the mixing of the egg whites into stiff peaks. 

Mixing Bowls-I love using glass bowls for just about everything. You can use it for double boiling or even in the microwave. 

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You can store these in an airtight container for up to 3 days on the counter. If you don’t want to eat one every day, freezing is the best option. After baking and cooling, wrap individual cakes in parchment paper then store in a plastic ziploc bag or container. Freeze for up to 1 month. When ready to enjoy, allow the cake to thaw the night before in the refrigerator. 

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Easy Sugar Free Vanilla Upside Down Cake (Keto, Gluten Free)

If you love vanilla sponge you’re going to enjoy these Easy Low Carb Vanilla Upside Down Cakes. Fluffy light and a classic keto vanilla sponge, topped with a quick and easy chocolate ganache. You could also serve with whipped cream, yogurt, coconut yogurt or a berry coulis, if you prefer.

Perfect for if you have guests over and want a really easy pretty dessert or if you just love to snuggle up and watch Netflix. The single serve portions means you won’t over indulge either.


Optional Ganache

  • 1/3
    heavy cream
  • 3/4
    unsalted butter
    (or coconut oil)
  • 50
    dark chocolate
    (at least 85%)


To Make the Cake

  1. Preheat the oven to 355F / 180C / 160fan.

  2. Beat the egg yolks and the low-carb sweetener using an electric whisk until pale in color
    and light.

  3. Place all the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl (almond flour, coconut flour and
    baking powder). Stir to combine.

  4. Add the wet ingredients to the dry (coconut oil, butter or ghee, vanilla, egg yolk mix). Stir to
    combine. Add the almond milk and stir.

  5. Whisk egg whites using an electric whisk until fluffy and peaks form.

  6. Fold the egg whites through the batter.

  7. Spoon the mix into a silicone mold, leaving a little space at the top as they will rise in the
    oven. I like to grease the mold with a spray of oil just in case.

    A silicone mold will stop the upside down cakes from sticking.

  8. Bake for 20 – 22 minutes or until you can insert and remove a tooth pick without crumbs
    sticking. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes before popping out of the
    mold and allowing to fully cool on a wire rack.

To Make the Ganache

  1. Heat the cream and butter on a low heat until hot (not bubbling). Turn off the heat and add
    the chopped dark chocolate or sugar free dark chocolate chips and allow to stand for 3 – 5
    minutes. Stir quickly with a balloon whisk until glossy and smooth.

  2. Slice the risen top off the cakes (so they are flat) and turn upside down. Eat the cut off bit too! Spoon the ganache over the Low Carb Vanilla Upside Down Cakes and Enjoy!


  1. Storage: Airtight Tupperware for up to 3 days.

Recipe Notes

Nutrition Info does not include ganache.

Net Carbs: 3g

Nutrition Facts

Easy Sugar Free Vanilla Upside Down Cake (Keto, Gluten Free)

Amount Per Serving (1 cake only)

Calories 253
Calories from Fat 198

% Daily Value*

Fat 22g34%

Saturated Fat 13g81%

Cholesterol 176mg59%

Sodium 108mg5%

Potassium 200mg6%

Carbohydrates 6g2%

Fiber 3g13%

Sugar 1g1%

Protein 9g18%

Vitamin A 255IU5%

Calcium 129mg13%

Iron 1mg6%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Blessings, Brenda

Jo is the creative food photographer and stylist behind the healthy eating blog, Modern Food Stories. Jo’s a testament that once you find the right approach for you, you can overcome chronic illness through the healing power of food. She believes the secret to radiant health starts and ends with a healthy gut so all her recipes are grain, gluten and refined sugar free. Many are also dairy-free.


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