Late Shows Cook Up Their Own Bizarre Biden-Style ‘Pony Soldier’ Insults

Previous Vice President Joe Biden left folks mystified with an oddball insult directed at an viewers member over the weekend … and the late-evening reveals can’t get plenty of of it. 

Biden jokingly called a voter who questioned about his bad efficiency in the Iowa caucuses a “lying puppy-faced pony soldier.” 

He has utilized the line in the earlier, stating it is from the 1953 John Wayne flick “Hondo,” whilst that line doesn’t surface in the script. 

Regardless of exactly where it originated, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert puzzled how in the heck Biden settled on that specific ― and incredibly certain ― established of text.

Then, Colbert guessed at what other people insults the previous vice president had considered: 

Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show” staff took it a stage even further.

They manufactured a Twitter bot that will hurl a Bidenesque insult at any individual who tweets BidenInsultBot:

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